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Trying to stop a barker……..? Maybe this will help

If you have a Dachshund, you will have first hand experience of their many positives and negatives as a breed. They are very funny, loving, intelligent, crazy, brave, timid, and most of all………LOUD!! (Well most that I’ve met are!) Barking is part of their character from being bred to hunt, and alert their master to the prey.

We have had quite a problem with barking, particularly with our Long-haired cream boy, Dudley, who is now 4 years old, which causes our other 2 to join in, making it a very noisy problem.

He barks as a guard dog at home, because he’s in charge! , he barks at people walking by the car, because how dare they!, ┬áhe barks at ANY noise he hears, just incase!, he barks at other dogs when out walking, obviously because he’s soooo scary!, he even barks at nothing at all!?

Does this sound familiar to anyone else….?

We have tried dog training at home, advice from professional dog trainers, attending training classes with him, reading LOTS of training books and internet forums and putting the advice into practice, but nothing made any real difference, until……..we discovered the little red can called Pet Corrector.

The idea behind Pet Corrector is the same as trying to give your dog a firm ‘NO’ to deter the unwanted behaviour, or use something to get an instant distraction and focus on you rather than what is making them bark. A firm ‘NO’ does work in some instances, but I have found that used together with the Pet corrector, the results have been amazing.

The little red can gives a loud ‘Hiss’ sound which grabs the dogs attention immediately. Then when I have their attention they respond to my command much better. It is quite amazing to see this happen.

We now have a can constantly sitting on the counter by the front door at home, as barking at people that knock on the door was a particular problem for us. We do allow them to give us a couple of barks to let us know that someone is at the door, as this is a natural instinct for them, we then use the spray once, and 9 times out of 10 they stop immediately. Sometimes we don’t need to actually spray, as the sight of the red can does the trick!

I find it particularly effective when out walking and I always have it in my hand, as timing is everything, I have learned, it needs to be instant.

I use my judgement as to just how often I use it, I don’t want to instil fear into my dogs, I want to control their barking, which can get them into trouble, especially when out walking around other dogs. I always spray it away from the dogs, and try to conceal the can, so they just here the ‘hiss’.

If you are having trouble with barking or other behaviour problems, I highly recommend Pet corrector. It’s been brilliant for us!

You can buy Pet corrector here.

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