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If you are ” M.A.D “ and have a dachshund or a few, you will want to meet friends, two legged and four! Dachshund meetings are growing in the UK.

If you know of a local dachshund meet or group in the UK and would like your details to be added please contact us

Here are some Dachshund groups we know of…….




Bershire, Hamshire and Surrey Dachshunds

Details: Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey Dachshunds Facebook      



Meetings: Regular monthly meetings in Brighton.

Details: Brightondachs Facebook 


Cheshire Dachshunds

Details: Cheshire Dachshunds Facebook


Dachshunds of Cumbria and the North

Details – Facebook Page


Devon Dachshund Crew

Details: Devon Dachshund Crew Facebook


Dachshunds of Dorset

Details: Dachshunds of Dorset Facebook


Happy Dachshunds East Anglia

Details: Happy Dachshunds East Anglia Facebook


Essex Dachshunds

Details: Essex Dachshunds Facebook


Essex/Benfleet Dachshunds

Details: Facebook


Dachshunds In Gloucestershire

Details: Gloucestershire Dachshunds Facebook


Dachshunds of Gloucestershire (D.O.G)

Details: Dachshunds of Gloucestershire (D.O.G)


Horsham Dachshunds                                                        

Meetings: Regular monthly meetings in Horsham.

Details: Horsham Dachshund Facebook


Kent Dachshunds

Details: Kent Dachshunds Facebook


London Dachshund Group

Meetings: Regular meetings in and around London.

Details: Dachshunds In London Facebook


Lincolnshire Dachshund Group

Details: Lincolnshire Dachshund Group Facebook


Dachshunds in the North East

Details: Dachshunds in the North East Facebook


North West Dachshund Owners

Details: North West Dachshund Owners


Nottinghamshire Dachshund Group

Details: Nottinghamshire Dachshund Group Facebook


Dachshunds of Oxfordshire

Details: Dachshunds of Oxfordshire Facebook


Petworth Park DACHSHUND ONLY Group

Details: Petworth Park DACHSHUND ONLY Group


Dachshunds in the South East

Details: Dachshunds in the South East Facebook


Dachshunds in Suffolk and Norfolk

Details: Dachshunds in Suffolk and Norfolk Facebook


Dachshunds in the West country-Cornwall, Devon, Somerset & Dorset

Details : Facebook page


Warwickshire Dachshunds

Details: Warwickshire Dachshunds Facebook


West Midlands Dachshunds

Details: Facebook Page


Dachshunds of Wiltshire

Details: Dachshunds of Wiltshire Facebook


Worthing Dachshund Dawdlers

Meetings: Regular monthly meetings in Worthing.

Details: Dachshund Dawdlers Facebook


Dachshunds of York

Details: Dachshunds of York Facebook


Yorkshire Dachshunds Group

Details: Yorkshire Dachshunds Facebook


Dachshunds In the UK

Details: Dachshunds in the UK Facebook 


All for wire-haired dachshunds

Details: All for wire-haired dachshunds Facebook


Brindle Dachshunds UK

Details: Brindle Dachshunds UK Facebook


Dapple Dachshunds UK

Details: Dapple Dachshunds UK Facebook


Dachshunds Wirehair Mini and Std in the UK

Details: Dachshunds Wirehair Mini and Std in the UK Facebook


Long-haired Dachshunds UK

Details: Facebook Page   


Smooth Haired Dachshund Club

Details: Smooth Haired Dachshund Club Facebook



Dachshunds of Aberdeenshire

Details: Dachshunds of Aberdeenshire


Dachshunds in Edinburgh

Details: Dachshunds in Edinburgh Facebook


Dachshunds in Scotland

Details: Dachshunds in Scotland Facebook




Dachshunds In Wales

Meetings: Regular meet ups starting soon.

Details: Dachshunds in Wales Facebook


North Wales Dachshunds / Dachshunds Gogledd Cymru

Details: North Wales Dachshunds / Dachshunds Gogledd Cymru Facebook






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