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”MAD” About Dachshunds

Since Denise and I launched this website last year we have been so surprised at the rate it has grown. There are so many people out there who are ”MAD” About their dachshunds and we would like to thank everyone involved for their continued support. Our Facebook and Twitter pages are growing daily and we have welcomed some great new sellers to the site who sell some fantastic dachshund wares.

With everything from cards, dog bedding and homeware we are sure you will find your perfect dachshund themed gift for yourself or your beloved dachshund. Denise and I love to shop and find  novel daxie themed items and it has been very hard not to order everything we have found so far.

If you run a dachchund shop or pet themed shop do please get in touch and come on board….

The reason we are ”MAD” About Dachshunds

From left to right- Harvey, Jasper, Dinky, Daisy- Duke and Dudley.











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