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Welcome to ” M.A.D “

This website is for all owners, or soon to be owners of Dachshunds and anyone who loves dogs.. We just can’t get enough of the long bodied, short legged little dogs that bring so much enjoyment to our lives.

Here at Mad about Dachshunds’ we have carefully chosen great Dachshund gifts to buy, pet services you may need, information about dachshund meet ups you will want to join, and a fun community of other Dachshund owners to chat with, share stories and your advice. Please browse our gallery and upload your photos of cute dachsie’s too.

“M.A.D” has been produced by two friends, Jane Bell and Denise Baumann, for all Dachshund fans to indulge in their love of the breed.

Jane has had Dachshunds in the family for many generations and is currently “owned” by 2 beautiful smooth haired boys, Jasper & Harvey.

Denise was introduced to the breed 5 years ago, and is currently “owned” by 2 long haired boys, Dinky & Dudley, and 1 smooth haired girl, Miss Daisy Duke, who is the daughter of Jane’s Harvey, from the second litter he has fathered.

We are not alone in the Dachshund appreciation society, as many famous people throughout history have been recorded as Dachshund owners. From Queen Victoria to the Kennedy’s, Liam Gallagher & Adele, to name a few.

Many famous artists have chosen the Dachshund as a breed to work with. Picasso had a close relationship with a dog called ‘Lump’ who can be seen in many photographs and the brilliant book ‘Lump, the dog who ate a Picasso’.  Andy Warhol & David Hockney have also used the iconic dog too. Known as ‘a dog and a half long and a half a dog tall’, their unusual shape really catches the eye of an artist.

Here at “M.A.D” we look forward to hearing all about your beloved dogs and hope you have fun browsing our website.

Wether you call them ‘Dachshund’, ‘Sausage dog’, ‘Wiener dog’, ‘Dachsie’ or ‘Doxie’, once you’ve met one, you will be “M.A.D” forever.



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