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VB contemporary Jewellery Design offers an exquisite and unique Pet Collection of jewellery for both pets and pet lovers. The collection consists of pendants for pets themselves, which can be personalised with the pet’s name, as well as jewellery for pet owners. For pet lovers VB has designed necklaces, pendands, bracelets, rings, and earrings.

Each piece of jewellery is individually handmade in Valenza Po, Italy, using the finest silver, natural materials, precious and semi-precious stones. Bespoke design is also available. Both pendants and earrings in the Decoupage Collection can be personalised with a photograph of own pet.

The collection is inspired by the loved family dachshund Unbra, who lives happily in the town of Valenza Po. 10% of the profit of every sale is donated to the youth homelessness charity DEPAUL UK.”


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