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About Us 


Mad About Dachshunds is run by Denise Baumann and Jane Bell, and we are “M.A.D”

Denise and Jane became friends through their love of dachshunds and met via the Brightondachs group. Brightondachs was set up by several dachshund owners in 2009 with the aim of bringing owners and their dogs together for a monthly meet up in Brighton. The meets have proved very popular and the group currently has over 200 members. For details of all the dachshund meets we know about in the UK visit our Meet Up page.

Denise Baumann

Denise lived in Horsham, West Sussex, with her husband James and their 3 dachshunds, Dinky, Dudley, and Daisy-Duke. In 2015, Denise and James moved to the US and now live in Maine. 

Denise says:

“James introduced me to Dachshunds in 2006 when he moved over from the states. His dad had a ‘doxie’ called Remy who James adored. He was full of character and was lucky enough to have a pool in his backyard…..he was a very happy water dog! James fell in love with his character and the breed, Dachshund.


Upon moving in together we began looking for our first little puppy in 2007. We found Dinky in Liverpool. He was a 4 month old long-haired brindle and the last of his litter to find a home. We fell in love with his sad eyes instantly and took him home. It was a real eye opener to me as I didn’t ever think my life had space for a dog…..how wrong! I was now married, with a dog, and our family was beginning to emerge. Dinky has been my loyal companion ever since, and is the most loving, happy natured dog I have ever met.


After having Dink’s for a few months and totally falling in love with the breed, we decided to get him a little playmate…….so along came Dudley! This is when our life changed forever…..


Dudley was in a litter of 5 puppies. On the day we went to see them the breeder bought them all into the room where they crawled around looking way too cute! most were dark colours, mainly red, but then we saw a little cream boy disappearing under the t.v cabinet, just as the breeder managed to grab him before he got into mischief. He was the one for us……..and his mischievous ways have never changed. Dudley is our very special dog who has had an eventful life thus far, with many trips to the vets……..He is a very anxious, nervous little chap, partly due to being attacked by a bigger dog when he was 18 months which affected him badly, but we adjust our lives to make him as happy as we can, and we wouldn’t be without him. He and Dink’s are the best of brothers, even though Dudley thinks he’s in charge, we all know it’s Dink’s who is!


In the 5 years since we had Dinky and Dudley we have resisted temptation everyday to get another, until we met lots of dachshunds through the BrightonDachs group. This is where we came across a lovely breeder in Worthing who had a gorgeous shaded red smooth girl puppy available. We fell in love with her and she joined our family in October 2011, Miss Daisy-Duke is one of Harvey’s babies from the second litter he fathered, and this is how Jane and I met and became friends.


Daisy is a joy to have and we are enjoying the difference between having girls and boys. She is a Mini “mini”, weighing just 3.8 kg at 1 year old, and we often call her ” squirt “. She gets so much attention wherever we go. Daisy is a real hound dog, constantly has her nose to the ground and is a bit of a thief!  She has fitted into our family amazingly well………which allows me to think that my dream of owning lots of land and lots of dachshunds is always possible”




Jane Bell

Jane lives in Worthing, West Sussex with her husband Mark, daughter Francesca, and their two dachshunds Jasper and Harvey.


Jane says:

‘ I fell in love with dachshunds in 1993 when I met Mark. His family have had generations of these lovely little dogs. Marks parents went away on holiday and we looked after Max, their long- haired miniature dachshund. During this stay Max managed (like daxie’s do) to take prime position in our bed! Mark leant over to give me a kiss goodnight and Max growled at him. That was it for me I feel in love and said to Mark ‘Ah, I want one of those’


Soon after this, I got my very first dachshund, Oscar a miniature smooth- haired black and tan. Oscar was my baby and lived a wonderful life with us but unfortunately passed away suddenly at the age of 10 years. Francesca, like us, was devastated when we lost Oscar so we decided to get her a dachshund for Christmas. In 2005 Jasper was welcomed into our family and remains with us today.


When Francesca was two years old Marks parents rescued a wire haired miniature Dachshund named Pip. Unfortunately, Pip had lived with an old lady who died and he was with her for a few days before she was found. He was understandably quite traumatised when we got him and it took some time for him to settle into our family. Pip was a wonderful dog with an amazing character. He used to have afternoon tea with the old lady he lived with and his love of cake never left him. If there was cake around we had to hide it otherwise it would be stolen and eaten by him. Pip lived till he was 15 years old and we only lost him this year in February, 2012. He is still very much missed.


Harvey is our latest addition to our dachshund family and we have had him since he was two years old. We got Harvey through the Brightondachs group. His previous owners were unable to keep him and of course we could not say no to another daxie. Harvey has been a delight and is such a well behaved dachshund. He has had three litters of puppies and Daisy–Duke who belongs to Denise is his daughter from his second litter.







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