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    "MAD" About Dachshunds

    This website is for all owners, or soon to be owners of Dachshunds and anyone who loves dogs.. We just can't get enough of the long bodied, short legged little dogs that bring so much enjoyment to our lives.

The website for everyone that is "Mad About Dachshunds"

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If you have a Dachshund you will probably be "M.A.D" about 'him' or 'her' and will want to shop for some Dachshund goodies for yourself or your adorable dog. This is our shop full of everything 'Dachshund'. Happy shopping..........

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If you are ” M.A.D “ and have a ‘dachshund or two’ you will want to meet other dachshund owners and friends. Dachshund meetings are growing in the UK. Here are the ‘Meet Ups’ we know of....

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Everyone loves a photograph of a dachshund, don't they? These cute, adorable dogs are so photogenic and bring a smile to anyones face. Here is a wonderful selection of photos of our beautiful Dachshunds

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