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My Naughty Dachshund Jasper- Part 2

If you read my previous post  My Naughty Dachshund Jasper you will remember that Jasper is affectionately known as ”ASBO” in our house. He truly is a wonderful little (or should I say slightly podgy) fellow. He can be quite naughty (as all dachshunds can) and I am sure many of you will relate to some of his bad behaviour.

My Naughty Dachshund Jasper



These are some of his naughty antics.

Ok, here goes….


  • Stealing mints from mums handbag! At least his breath smells nice. Polos are his favourite.
  • Stealing an ice-cream out of the hand of a toddler in a pram on the seafront.
  • Joining several picnics on Worthing beach and helping himself to food.
  • Weeing in front of the postman in our porch!
  • Taking all of my nephew’s nappies out of his nappy bag and shredding them all. What great fun!
  • Chewing every single lead he has ever had to pieces. It costs me a fortune.
  • Chewing my sister-in-laws very expensive shoes!!
  • Every time he leaves the house he takes a toy out and leaves in scattered on our driveway. I find squeaky toys under the bushes all the time.
  • Chews any slipper left on the floor. I now have a supply of the ones they provide in hotels rooms especially for him.
  • Climbing on the table after Sunday lunch (when we were not looking) to eat the roast beef.
  • Stealing the food shopping (if he can) before mum unpacks it. Only today I found him making a move on this Sundays lovely Organic roast chicken. Yum!
  • Rolling in fox poo! Yuck!
  • Has been known to eat poo! Yuck!
  • Marking his territory where ever he goes.
  • Eating Francesca’s art homework.
  • Steals socks, knickers and bras and stashes them in his bed!
  • Cocked his leg on someone’s bag at the Brightondachs meet. I am sorry if it was yours!
  • Chewed my cousin’s favourite handbag!
  • Took him into my workplace ( a private clinic) and he escaped from my room and went downstairs into one of the therapists rooms when they had a patient in there. Never been taken to work again!

I am sure many of you with a dachshund will understand that my dog is not totally out of control, he is just a naughty dachshund. I am reassured that Harvey, our other daxie, is so well behaved and not at all like Jasper, which makes me think he just a naughty little boy and it is not my parental skills.  I wouldn’t change him for the world mind you, we all love him dearly and think the bad behaviour just makes us love him more.



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